This connects you with hiring managers quickly and conveniently. DLA Piper Austin (US) 303 Colorado Street Suite 3000AustinTexas78701-4653United States of America Call +1 512 457 7000 Fax +1 512 457 7001 Get DirectionsFind a Lawyer in Austin Areas of focus Being able to work across geographies and practice groups to drive revenue for the firm is both challenging and rewarding. I learned a lot from that. Most significantly, working at DLA Piper has allowed me to have a work/life balance, where one does not dominate the other. Someone's letting you know that they care about you from the ground up. You'll experience challenging days filled with client work, relationship-building opportunities and lively activities. Being part of the team that supports the Global Partners' Conferences is always a big achievement. Our collaboration system has been improved and customized to the point that it is easily the most widely used collaboration tool in the legal industry. We recently tied the support that we provide in regard to business development to over $500,000 in business. Not only do supervisors and managers regularly acknowledge employees who have demonstrated exceptional effort, they also express their gratitude for consistent high-quality work. DLA Piper's training contract was ranked the best from 50 firms that entered the awards. DLA Piper has been a leader in the community - helping veterans apply for special compensation, assisting applicants seeking asylum, preparing clemency petitions for non-violent inmates, and holding weekly reading programs for 4th to 7th grade students. We also provide assistance for case teams in preparing for and during trial. We recognize the demands of work and personal life, and we aspire to provide you with useful benefits and tools to help manage and attain a healthy and productive life. For further information about these entities and DLA Piper's structure, please refer to our Legal Notices. Frequently asked questions Service Delivery Paralegal Apprenticeship When can I apply for the Service Delivery Paralegal Apprenticeship programme? I've been blessed with that opportunity here at DLA Piper. Over the last two years, LMN has helped facilitate over 1,000 mentorship connections, matching law students and newly admitted attorneys with mentors in their geographic area and preferred field of legal practice. ", "They bring you on at a steady pace and make sure you have a solid foundation of fundamentals before throwing you into the thick of things. This collegiality further enables the teams to develop constructive programs and processes. Our internship program offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to work on a variety of entry-level, administrative and research projects in a large law firm. We think nimbly and seize opportunities. The legal support team structure allows all its members to feel they have the ability to make an impact on the longer term success of the firm, which they do. Flip any of the boxes for more details. Read More . Contact us - DLA Piper CareersDLA Piper Careers Contact us Please complete this form if you have any queries about careers at DLA Piper. My job involves some travel, so I have the opportunity to be hands on in managing my offices and building relationships in each location. We offer a summer internship program as well as internship opportunities throughout the year. I have been able to expand my skills and cross over into other practice areas. It is a blessing to be led by respected partners who go to great lengths to make our group inclusive and diverse, utilizing people and what they bring. Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) mission is to increase the diversity of people, perspectives and experiences represented at all levels of the firm and to nurture an increasingly inclusive culture where that diversity is valued, embraced and leveraged for the benefit of our people and our clients. First impressions count, so be prepared and make a strong first impression. Our expectations and goals are high, and so is the level of teamwork: when it comes to meeting goals, we take an all-hands-on-deck approach. I also work with a diverse group of people, such as Office Administrators, Managing Partners and Senior Administrative Staff, which I enjoy very much. Each summer, DLA Piper hosts 1L scholars in our offices. This creates a challenging and interesting environment. The Risk Management group reviews information that is necessary to open new business matters with the goal of protecting and strengthening the firm. Prepare to tie the story of your knowledge, skills, experience, professional accomplishments and the impact you have made to the requirements noted in the job advertisement. To create and sustain change, our strategies are holistic and focus on both our internal and external communities. Free Tools ; Leads by Industry ; . I have also established a consistent workflow in regard to data collection, culling, review, production and documentation. I've been here a long time, but my job still feels fresh and exciting. Leave enough time to park the car, commute, have a train delay, check in with building security in metropolitan locations, change shoes and deal with unplanned bumps. Have copies of your resume, work samples, and a pen and pad to take notes, and turn off your cell phone. It then extends through everyone on the team who can be counted on to come with questions from every conceivable angle, push themselves to find the best solutions, and search for ways to improve processes and enhance efficiency. Our teams are comprised of proactive, passionate business professionals who invest in their relationships. Many graduates go on to earn leadership positions throughout the firm, including Practice Group Leader, Office Managing Partners, members of the firms Policy Committee and leaders of the firms national resource groups. It is a good practice to ask the interviewers for business cards so you have their name, title and contact information. We work hard, appreciate each other's efforts and enjoy doing so. DLA Piper was named the #2 most powerful law firm in the world by Thomson Reuters. Recruiting at DLA Piper based in Baltimore, Maryland. Through this program, we have fellows who return to the firm for their 1L and 2L summers. In the past couple of years, my greatest achievement was working on the relaunch of and supporting the firm's social media growth. One recent achievement was when I was able to demonstrate that 1 percent of our fee was being withheld by a vendor our clients were using to pay invoices. ", Legal Practice Specialist, San Diego (Golden Triangle), From the first day of my summer program, I was treated like a member of the team and given projects similar to those I would work on as a first-year associate. As a signatory to the rule since 2017, the firm has received certified plus recognition for all iterations of the rule, most recently 5.0. The work of our lawyers and business professionals has consistently been recognized for providing clients with outstanding service and helping them meet their strategic goals. DLA Piper was one of the first signatories of the Mansfield Rule, a national initiative developed to increase diversity in law firm recruitment, promotion, and leadership appointment practices. Each year, summer associates form friendships and working relationships that will span their careers. We're ambitious and are never afraid to innovate. I also feel the department works well together in order to succeed and promote itself within the firm. We offer ample opportunities for advancement and career development through formal and informal training and mentoring, and provide many opportunities to give back to our communities through pro bono work. I believe it is the character of the people on my team that helps me to perform my job at a high level. Upload your resume or use a comprehensive LinkedIn profile to apply in only a few minutes. The greatest achievement I have accomplished since I started working here is receiving "job well done" praise from a former Senator. I learned a lot from that. Our data is client facing, so that is top of mind at all times. We also measure business efforts to identify the most strategic focus for our lawyers' efforts. To cross borders like this broadens your knowledge in your practice field. We pull together when times are tough, and we support each other every day. Through sponsorships is how we engage with national, regional, and local associations and organizations by providing resources and expertise to create a positive impact the legal profession. As a firm, we never stand still. Researchers will swiftly see how their work enhances our business development and contributes to the success of the firm. ", "It's really great to hear a message from somebody at the top of the law firm that's genuine. Someone's letting you know that they care about you from the ground up. The contributions I make are appreciated and valued as a part of the overall success of the firm. Contact & Company Search Sales Automation Conversation Intelligence Workflows. We share kudos on our monthly calls to recognize those who have gone above and beyond in our department. There was also flexibility when I needed it to support my younger sister in her fight for her life with brain cancer. DLA Piper names lawyers to Leadership Council on Legal Diversity 2022 Fellows and DLA Piper joins Alliance for Asian American Justice, Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) programs, DLA Piper is pleased to announce the firm has achieved. We celebrated 66 promotions in 2018. It can be a rare occurrence in today's society to engage with those who really do care about you and want to see you succeed. With a deep understanding of global business and legal issues, the team understands how to home in on and then explain key data points to provide studies that are high level and information rich. Through consistency, training, collaboration and much brainstorming, I have fostered good eDiscovery habits in the many offices I support. The new role has given me the ability to expand the scope of my responsibilities and develop knowledge and skills in new areas something that continues to this day. I am proud of my department's work in transitioning from print to digital resources. Jennifer Librach Nall and Helena Kiepura join DLA Piper's Intellectual Property and DLA Piper always seems to have the resources we need to offer counsel on a matter, regardless of where we need assistance. I started at the firm as an analyst and over the years have worked my way up to manager. If you are an active client, please get in touch with your usual DLA Piper contact directly. The team is centrally located in the Chicago office, which makes departmental projects and smaller tasks easy to accomplish. We are looking for collaborative, results-oriented people who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and have exceptional problem-solving skills. It is fulfilling being part of a team that provides value and makes a difference as companies scale. The firm is a sponsor of the Hispanic National Bars PODER25, the first General Counsel pipeline program that specifically supports Hispanic attorneys and hosts bootcamp programs and knowledge-sharing sessions that provide participating lawyers with key skill building that helps to propel and ready participants for General Council roles in Fortune 500 companies. We were one of the first law firm business development departments to build a market-facing team of business developers with experience selling professional services, and we remain a leader in that area. After I receive an offer, may I return to the office to meet more lawyers? The Accounting team is a collaborative and talented team of finance and accounting professionals who help the firm make business decisions by providing accurate and actionable financial information. Recognition for diversity and inclusion work. ", The best aspect about working for DLA Piper is the team energy we enjoy. What motivates you? and Co-Chair, Leadership Alliance for Women. Be sure to let us know if you'd like to . Recently I was able to take my Relativity Certified User certification exam. However, do not arrive too early; 10-15 minutes before your scheduled interview time is appropriate. This innovation has taken a great deal of time and effort, and I am proud to be part of the team that has brought something dynamic and significant to the table. When can I apply? We also participate in Legal Lean workflow initiatives to improve client service delivery. The programs I typically use are technologically satisfactory to properly complete one's duties. The Litigation Support department assists with the management and review of electronic documents for case teams. This will let interviewers know that you are interested and curious about them and the firm. The Partner Dashboard is my greatest achievement. DLA Piper is seeking an associate with 3+ years of experience to join our Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation Group, preferably in our. . Take a look at what our people are up to on Instagram here. The professional value I have gained by being a part of this group cannot be more highly valued. The best part of working for DLA Piper is the people. Our Professional Development team has created learning and development opportunities for partners and associates, including our Associate Academies and the Career Development Program. Here are some of the accolades we've received. As part of the HR team, you will be called upon to think creatively and analytically and to be an exceptional listener and expert problem solver. For an interview, you want to dress to impress. After many years of focusing on the management of one particular functional area, I was able to transition to a different role. DLA Piper has been a leader in the community - helping veterans apply for special compensation, assisting applicants seeking asylum, preparing clemency petitions for non-violent inmates, and holding weekly reading programs for 4th to 7th grade students. I am most proud of the personal growth I have achieved. l will always be grateful to my team and the firm for supporting me during that time. DLA Piper University provides professional staff with the opportunity to develop exceptional skills through course offerings, including many led by our own internal experts. Our work is challenging and rewarding. Our Litigation paralegals support the firm and our clients through arbitrations, investigations and trials. Summer associates have a chance to hear from and interact with DLA Piper's senior leaders to learn about the firm's history, vision and values. We value diversity and act thoughtfully at every opportunity. Our lawyers are committed to providing summer associates with immediate and meaningful feedback throughout the program. It is lots of hard work, but you have the opportunity to collaborate (and sometimes even have fun) with colleagues and folks from all over the firm. The culture of our team is one of encouragement, support and a healthy drive to succeed. They not only care about work projects but about my development as a professional. To say this of DLA Piper is to say you don't know DLA Piper at all! Creating a global conflicts database that we use worldwide to ensure the global firm adheres to conflict rules and regulations. The Legal Support Team supports the lawyers of the firm by providing exceptional service to them and their clients. I believe that the people at DLA Piper are some of the best people I have had the pleasure of working with. Save on items big and small such as car-buying programs, retail discounts, student loan refinancing and more. This is a small fraction of the great work that the firm does daily!". Our professional staff are a driving force behind the firm's success, and this program allows us to celebrate each other our many contributions and our collective victories as we work to achieve our vision to be the leading global business law firm. The professionalism, dedication and quality of so many of the people at the firm creates a confidence that challenges will be met with creative and solid solutions. Since DLA Piper is a truly global firm with so many practices and services, I think one of the best aspects about working on my team is the daily interaction with such a diverse group of people from so many backgrounds. Read our privacy policy. How long after the interview might I receive an offer? I am not only at my best, but that is being redefined and sharpened every day. Working at DLA Piper presents such a diverse range of projects. What have you learned from past experiences that will benefit you as a summer and full-time associate? My team is an extension of DLA Piper's dedication to excellence. We also offer the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting projects, outside of the cyclical accounting routine, that will challenge and provide career growth. Its about a strategy and a holistic approach to culture, advancement, transparency, and change that reflects the modern realities of work and life for our lawyers and clients. Please visit the job opportunities page to see which offices have Scholar positions available. We currently participate in the following annual industry initiatives and scorecards: We are committed to increasing and improving access to opportunities within our walls and beyond. How do I apply for a summer position? Innovation is the first word that comes to mind when I think of my team. We may have a limited number of positions for first-year law students. He was passionate about diversity and inclusion and had an enormous impact on the firms D&I initiatives. Through community building, training on cultural competence and encouraging all to be inclusion champions, we are cultivating a supportive and connected culture. For further information about these entities and DLA piper's structure, please refer the, Litigation, Arbitration and Investigations. The case teams and individuals I work with are fantastic. I began my career at DLA Piper in January 2016 and am amazed at the meaningful relationships I have developed in such a short amount of time. Our team has been transforming our billing operations. To learn more about life at DLA Piper, and to hear from our people, continue to our dedicated career pages by clicking on the section that you wish to explore. I've been asked for a callback interview. While no two cases are the same, this relatively consistent eDiscovery framework has provided a sense of control, transparency and continuity for many of my teams and our clients. Our team is dedicated to providing quality work products to leadership to ensure that it has the necessary data to draw conclusions and make decisions about the future of the firm. Please contact your recruiter to schedule a mutually convenient time. What kind of experience are you looking for? Know what you are looking for and who you are talking to, and ask thoughtful questions. Recent trends show that standard dress attire is business casual. Click "apply now" to search. All rights reserved. DLA Piper is a founding sponsor of the Legal Mentor Network, a nonprofit organization focused on providing junior lawyers and law students with free mentoring services. I was able to work with the client and our collections department to opt out of the payment method and receive the full fee in connection with the services we provided. The CI team is relatively new. This is a small fraction of the great work that the firm does daily!" Our team is only as strong as its members. The best is yet to come! If you're at a law school where we generally conduct on-campus interviews, you may apply through your school's career placement office. I have had the opportunity to learn from the best. We offer a variety of plans to choose from. By building inclusive recruitment, development, and promotion practices, we empower diverse talent to thrive and for diverse representation among the highest ranks of the firm to flourish. We offer a competitive plan to help you with retirement savings, including the availability of both pre-tax and Roth contributions. A significant turnoff is when students mention information that does not apply to a firm as the reason for their interest ("I want to work at a small firm" when you are interviewing at a large firm). We have worked to secure a seven-figure reduction in print costs while expanding our collection of electronic resources that offer the attorneys powerful new tools. DLA Piper's commitment to equality, diversity and environmental sustainability is inspiring. Chun-Wei received a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berke ley and a Doctor of Law from UC Hastings College of the Law. The American Lawyer has ranked DLA Piper the #3 law firm in the US based on gross revenue. We have industry-leading technology and applications to manage new business pursuits and track our impact across geographies, practice groups and sectors, and we consistently demonstrate growth in revenue generation. All rights reserved. Our department serves the firm from the identification and qualification of opportunities through pursuit and pipeline management. A recruiting company that won a $3.6 million judgment in an employment trade secrets dispute last month has asked a U.S. judge in Texas to sanction DLA Piper and another law firm for what it said . Interns may have an opportunity to job shadow, attend meetings and/or observe court proceedings. I enjoy interacting with others and getting to know them and I believe that this fosters a spirit of willingness to go the extra mile to meet the needs of others. Our team is great at assessing needs, knows how to execute and react quickly and productively and is collaborative in their efforts. " Summers on the Culture, "There is a high level of professionalism and people take their job very seriously, but it's very much a collegial atmosphere. Due to the impact of technology in our field, we have transitioned from being what most think of as a traditional library to a national Research and Knowledge Services department, with re-designed workflows, extensive electronic resources and new methods of serving the firm. Nederlands. This support will help you succeed and thrive as a Service Delivery Paralegal Apprentice. I am also given a lot of autonomy to create new initiatives for business development. View our Privacy policy. Everyone on the team is always there to assist, advise and brainstorm, no matter how large or small the project. They have a terrific time working as a team to create new dishes. Job seekers are advised to visit our Careers page. Thats because trusting, collaborative relationships with our clients and each other are at the heart of our success. We work hard, appreciate each other's efforts and enjoy doing so. PitchBook has named DLA Piper the #1 legal advisorto investors for nine consecutive years. Absolutely! Our pitch and proposal team works collaboratively with subject matter experts and business developers to create compelling proposals and RFP responses. We all have loved ones who at some point need us, and it is nice to work for an employer who understands the personal needs in life also! DLA Piper even provides managers with a way to nominate employees for monetary spot awards to affirm their appreciation. When you have your in-person interview, learn as much as you can about the office through your own observation and by asking questions of the people you come into contact with. The Litigation Support department at DLA Piper consists of project managers and analysts from a variety of backgrounds and diverse experiences. As a working wife and mother to two boys under the age of three, I am constantly juggling the demands and challenges of home and work. This is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. Our Benefits team analyzes our offerings on an annual basis to ensure we are providing comprehensive benefits that align with the work/life needs of lawyers and professional staff. I can assist in the planning of a global event in the morning, organize a local practice group training session in the early afternoon and finish my day by collaborating with a team member on the redesign of department materials. I enjoy being asked to take on different projects for various offices. Chun-Wei Wu is a Manager, Legal Recruiting at DLA Piper based in London, Greater London. " Summers on the Culture, "It's really great to hear a message from somebody at the top of the law firm that's genuine. Chambers USA 2022 | Ranked Band 1 Corporate/M&A Texas: Austin & Surrounds, DLA Piper is global law firm operating through various separate and distinct legal entities. I take pride in working with the firm's internal and external clients on event planning and conference service, and our teamwork has been a blessing. Reach out to alumni. The goal is to diversify our supplier network and increase spend with these businesses over time. DLA Piper is a firm where hard work is appreciated, recognized and rewarded. Our management is committed to mentoring and providing the necessary guidance to further advance the team. That insight into life as a junior associate made me extremely confident accepting the firm's offer to return after law school. In some of our offices, summer associates are given the opportunity to work side by side with a DLA Piper client for up to a week during the summer associate program. DLA Piper is part of the Law Firms & Legal Services industry, and located in United Kingdom. We run regular mentorship, literacy and tutoring programs for children in our communities. I accomplished this goal. DLA Piper is very interested in promoting growth, achievement and success. On a personal and practical level, I appreciate the excellent benefits that I am afforded, including paid time off, as it means I am able to take time away when I need to recharge and when I need quality time with my family. The recruiting staff would be happy to provide you with information on our travel reimbursement policies, if they apply. As part of centralized procurement, we consistently track the firm's engagement with certified women-owned and minority-owned businesses. As technology continues to progress, our department needs to be ready to advise the lawyers on the best and most defensible methods for handling electronic documents in a way that does not affect the integrity of the files and that ensures the files are not altered in anyway. Our Amsterdam office was established in 2005, and is now home to more than 250 people - including over 150 lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax advisers - providing high-quality legal services to our Dutch and global clients. I take great pride in the collaboration and unity found among my various case teams. Our team maintains the Technology in Practice initiative, created to institutionalize the process of identifying and implementing better technological solutions. We compete at the highest level, and were far from a traditional law firm.
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